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The point when Wal-bazaar designs another store area, somewhat often the organization needs to battle its way into town in what might as well be called common war amongst master and hostile to Wal-Mart factions. Opponents refer to concerns, for example, movement clog, natural issues, open security, non-attendant landlordism, terrible advertising, low wages and benefits, and savage pricing.Opposition by activists, contenders, neighborhood natives, worker's guilds, and religious gatherings may incorporate challenge marches,property harm to store structures,  walmart associate login  or by making bomb scares. Some city boards have denied licenses to engineers intending to incorporate a Walmart in their undertaking. The individuals who guard Walmart refer to purchaser decision and by and large advantages to the economy, and question carrying the issue into the political arena.

In 1998, Walmart proposed development of a store west of the convergence of Charlotte Pike (U.S. Highway 70) and Interstate 40 outside Nashville, Tennessee. The building site was home to both Native American graveyard and a Civil War front line. Dissents were mounted by Native Americans and Civil War intrigue gatherings, yet the Walmart store was in the long run built subsequent to moving graves and a few adjustments of the site so as not to meddle with the battlefield. Civil War relics were found at the site. The venture designers gave land to allow access to the Civil War memorable site.The Native locales were evacuated and re-covered elsewhere. 

A Walmart Superstore opened in 2004 in Mexico, 1.9 miles (3.1 kilometers) from the noteworthy Teotihuacan archeological site and Pyramid of the Moon.Although the area was bolstered by Mexico's National Anthropology Institute, the United Nations, and the Paris-construct International Council in light of Monuments and Sites,there had been challenges sorted out by neighborhood traders, and additionally ecological gatherings and hostile to globalization bunches who restricted the construction.Poet Homero Aridjis called the opening as "remarkably representative" and " planting the staff of globalization in the core of antiquated Mexico." Archeologists regulated development and found a little earth and stone sacrificial stone alongside some different ancient rarities where the store's parking area is currently located.

In 2005, designers obliterated the since quite a while ago shut Dixmont State Hospital in Kilbuck Township, Pennsylvania close Pittsburgh, with plans to assemble a shopping complex moored by a Walmart. While there were at first no broad protests to the Walmart store itself, numerous inhabitants did not have any desire to see Dixmont wrecked, in spite of the way that the Dixmont complex, having been deserted in 1984, was past viable condition and youngsters were hazardously trespassing onto the property on a customary basis.However, while the land was being uncovered (after the doctor's facility complex was torn down) keeping in mind the end goal to make a level for the store to be based upon, an avalanche happened covering Pennsylvania Route 65 and the Fort Wayne Line railroad tracks between PA 65 and the Ohio River. The two courses were closed down for quite a long time

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